Fee Structure

The fee structure will vary for each job as there is no uniform approach to fundraising. Clients may have different needs, projects, and funding sources that will require varying amounts of work.

Typically, the job will be estimated by one of two approaches. The first being an hourly rate for Arula’s work on the project. The client will be responsible for paying a set amount based on the hours that services required.

The alternate approach is predetermining a total fee, as well as, an amount to be paid up front. This approach will be unique to each project and the upfront and total fee will be determined by Arula based on the estimated number of hours as well as an additional contingency hours for any unexpected additional work necessary. The client will be responsible for the upfront fee, however the remainder will be collected only if the grant is successfully awarded. This way, Arula shares in the risk.

Arula always offers every potential new client a free one hour consultation.