Why should nonprofits or businesses take all the risk?

Arula’s approach is unique in that we share the risk with the nonprofit or business. A typical grant writer demands full payment at the time of submission, even if you are a very small organization with an even smaller budget for an outcome that is not guaranteed to always be successful. We are different. Arula will only collect the majority of our preset fee if the grant is successfully awarded. In other words, we don’t get fully paid unless you get paid!

We offer per grant, hourly, and flat monthly rate packages:

  • Our per-grant fee is preset, based on the difficulty of the grant and the time it will take us to complete it. We only take a basic fee up front and will defer the rest until the grant is awarded. That way we share in the risk alongside the nonprofit or business and will work as hard for your organization as you would!
  • Our hourly fee is best for services outside of grant work such as website development, consultation, board training, etc. This can be combined with a per-grant rate.
  • Our flat monthly rate pricing tiers are designed so that we can make the most of our partnership and truly operate as a full grant services or development team for you.

We are happy to discuss a fee structure that works best for your organization or company. Our goal is to create a package that fits the unique nature of each client and to help you achieve your organization’s goals in the most financially sustainable way possible. We are in this with you!

Arula always offers every potential client a free one hour consultation.

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