Nonprofit Services

Arula offers a wide variety of services to nonprofits to help you develop your organization. An exclusive service we provide to nonprofits is that we share in the risk when it comes to grant writing. A typical grant writer demands full payment at the time of submittal. Arula will only collect the majority of our pre-set fee if the grant is successfully awarded. In other words, we don’t get fully paid unless you get paid!


Nonprofit Consultation

Arula can help startup and small nonprofits with developing the structure, materials, and direction needed to successfully start a new nonprofit organization. With years of experience in leadership positions on a variety of nonprofits, we understand the needs and requirements of a beginning organization. Specific services include: designing articles of incorporation, 1023 application materials, and developing board member handbooks.

Grant Services

Arula will evaluate the client for “grant readiness” by looking over existing materials, organizational structure, current programs, and a myriad of other criteria to determine grant readiness. From there, Arula will strategically research thousands of grantors to determine potential opportunities and discuss these with the client. Specific services include: writing, editing, review, mentoring, compliance, and post-award management.

Fund Development

Arula will help the client to determine their realistic goals and a time frame for implementation. Through funding assessments and strategy development, Arula will help an organization develop their strategies and identify funding sources, both internal and external. Specific services include: donor engagement, increasing recurring donations, and implementing fundraising campaigns.

Website and Social Media Development

Getting your organization in front of the public is crucial to spreading information about the good work you do. Arula can help you develop your image and online presence through our social media and website services. Specific services include: creating and updating websites, developing promotional content for your fundraisers or services you provide, building social media networks and harnessing them for donations, and creating strategies to further your online presence.


Arula can assist a client with educational board training, board retreats, assessments, and strategy building that will maximize the effectiveness of the board of directors in governance and fund development. Specific services include: customized workshops, board development, strategic planning sessions, and facilitations.

Business Services

Arula also offers business consulting services to for-profit entities. Arula has experience working with a wide variety of businesses, from startups to multi-million dollar organizations. We have helped launch new product/service lines and increase existing revenue streams.


Grant Services

Arula offers everything related to grants from evaluating “grant readiness”, researching grant opportunities, writing, editing, reviewing, reporting, to general grant consultation.

Product Development

We can walk you through prototyping, customer validation, pricing, advertising as well as finding partners, distributors and retail outlets.

Service Development

Everything we offer for product development can easily be customized for working within your local market offering services. Our company has worked with service-based organizations ranging from medical to professional sports.

Business Development

Arula can help with sales strategies, marketing, customer engagement, forecasting, social media, graphic design, partnerships, and so much more.

Financing and Investing

Arula can help to find equity and non-dilutive partners, structure financing deals, and advise on the best paths forward for each situation. We are experienced in designing business plans, pro forma budgets, marketing analysis, and more.


Whether it is an investor or product/service pitch, we can help you ensure you have all the necessary information, prepare the presentation, develop talking points, or potentially give the entire pitch ourselves.

“Coming from the nonprofit world, I recognize that a nonprofit’s budget can be tight. That is why we share in the risk and success.” – Alex Koenigsberg