A different type of fundraising professional

The goal for Arula was to create a new model for fundraising professionals without pricing out small and startup nonprofits.

Smart For Your Organization. Smart For Your Budget.

Arula’s approach to grant writing is unique in that we share the risk with the nonprofit or business. A typical grant writer demands full payment at the time of submission, even if you are a very small organization with an even smaller budget for an outcome that is not guaranteed to always be successful. We are different. Arula will only collect the majority of our pre-set fee if the grant is successfully awarded.

In other words, we don’t get fully paid unless you get paid!

Our Solutions

Arula offers a wide variety of services to help you develop your organization. With years of experience in leadership positions on a variety of nonprofits, we understand the needs and requirements of organizations of all sizes.

Arula can help with anything you need—from one-time projects to being a fully outsourced development team. We offer flexible packages and pricing to support you within your budget. We are in this with you!

Nonprofit Consulting Services

We recognize the myriad of responsibilities each nonprofit takes on, especially in the early stages: Developing your board, volunteer recruitment, events, fundraising, grant writing, and more. Many nonprofit leaders simply do not have the time necessary to dedicate toward all the tasks required to successfully run their nonprofit. That is where we come in.

Nonprofit Bookkeeping

Managing your accounts is incredibly important for proper budget management, grant compliance and reporting, donor trust, and strategic planning. Arula offers bookkeeping support exclusively to nonprofits to help you ensure your accounts are managed properly. We can set up your accounts so you can track your cash flow properly, train your team on how to keep up management, and even do your bookkeeping for you. Let us use our years of experience in nonprofit financial management for your organization!

For-profit Grant Writing

Arula also offers grant writing services to for-profit entities. Arula has experience working with a wide variety of businesses, from startups to multi-million dollar organizations and we specialize in writing OEDIT, federal, and foundation grants.

Specialty Services

In addition to our full services, Arula offers support on a variety of one-time projects. If you just need to create some marketing materials or if you need support strategizing a full capital campaign, we can help!

Education Services and Resources

Arula has a variety of education resources and workshops that cover a broad range of nonprofit management and development topics to give you the tools you need to succeed.

I highly recommend reaching out to Arula. I was very happy with the conversation that we had about how to best market and fundraise for my organization. The team was well informed on questions that I had and also helped to share new ideas that I had not considered before.