Nonprofit Bookkeeping

Managing your accounts is incredibly important for proper budget management, grant compliance and reporting, donor trust, and strategic planning. If you don’t have your revenue and expenses categorized properly or you aren’t using the correct accounting method, you could run into trouble with the IRS or your funders.

Arula offers bookkeeping support exclusively to nonprofits to help you ensure your accounts are managed properly. We can set up your accounts so you can track your cash flow properly, train your team on how to keep up management, and even do your bookkeeping for you. Let us use our years of experience in nonprofit financial management for your organization!


Purchasing Quickbooks


Quickbooks Accounts Setup






Starting at $200

Arula can give you the tools to set up your Quickbooks account so that you are positioned for proper bookkeeping. We can also provide you and your team with training on how to continue to properly manage your accounts.


Starting at $500

Arula can set up your Quickbooks account so that you have the proper categories for your nonprofit’s management. Set-up can include purchasing Quickbooks, creating proper categories, categorizing revenue and expenses for up to one year prior, and training.


Starting at $750/mo

Arula can serve as your bookkeepers, ensuring that your accounts are managed on an ongoing basis and your revenue and expenses are properly categorized. Bookkeeping can also include set-up.

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