The goal for Arula was to create a new model for fundraising professionals without pricing out small and startup nonprofits. 

Our mission

Arula’s mission is to foster the success and sustainability of businesses and nonprofits. We act as advisors, connectors, and partners to organizations of all sizes and sectors by providing deliverable and supportive services.

Nonprofit Mission:

Arula prides itself in being the only nonprofit consulting company in the United States that shares in the financial risk of grant writing.

Our mission is to provide well rounded services that further the goals of the nonprofits and charitable organizations we represent. 

For-profit Mission:

Arula’s business consulting branch is designed to support the start and growth of small and intermediate for-profit businesses. 

Our mission is to provide businesses with deliverable services such as grant writing, business development, marketing, and advising. These services are the foundation of the company’s success.

Our vision

We envision Arula to have an all-inclusive service model serving a wide range of organizations throughout the country. 

Nonprofit vision

Our vision is to change the model of nonprofit consulting by offering dedicated consulting services from the identification stage to implementation, all while sharing in the financial risk with the client.

For-profit vision

Arula will be a centerpoint for business success. We envision Arula to have multiple offices in Colorado serving and supporting for-profit businesses across Colorado and beyond.

Our Values

At our core, Arula values excellence, empowerment, and collaboration (EEC).

Excellence: We measure company excellence through the integrity of our employees, the quality of our work, and our overall continuous improvement. 

Empowerment: We empower our employees by allowing them to practice autonomy, and we empower our clients by providing them the tools they need to succeed.

Collaboration: We believe collaboration, including community, teamwork, and communication, is the key to the success of our business as well as our clients’ organizations.

Our Approach to Nonprofit Consulting

After spending years immersed in the nonprofit world, we have come to appreciate the benefits and challenges of being involved in a small to medium sized nonprofit.

Each nonprofit is incredibly different in the way they are managed, their approach to a need, and the people they serve. Yet, there are similarities in the needs of these groups, mostly focused around one specific thing – funding.

Arula Consulting Services was founded in 2018 by Alex Koenigsberg, a professional coming from over a decade in the nonprofit world. He understands that nonprofits are asked to do more with less and the thought of hiring an outside consultant can seem intimidating. His inspiration for Arula came from his own time as the Executive Director of a small nonprofit. Experiencing the process from both sides has allowed Alex to develop pricing structures that minimize the risk to the client, including allowances for only paying the full fee when/if the funding is awarded.

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In the News

September 2023

CEO, Kendra, was named one of BizWest’s Northern Colorado 40 under Forty for 2023.

September 2022

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July 2022

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March 2021

Founder Alex Koenigsberg was named “Social Entrepreneur of the Year” for Northern Colorado at the National Institute for Social Impact’s PRISM Awards. Read the Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce article.

March 2021

Founder Alex Koenigsberg was named “Top Five Under 40” by Colorado Biz Magazine’s Gen XYZ Awards. Read the CO Biz Magazine article.

Arula prides itself in being the only nonprofit consulting company in Colorado that shares in the risk.