Arula Consulting Services was founded in 2018 by an entrepreneur in the nonprofit world who wanted to change the expectations of a consultant. Under the current model, small nonprofits are forced to take on a lot of risk. They are expected to meet stringent IRS and state requirements to incorporate their organization, design a program from top to bottom, and somehow raise enough funds to pay for the whole project. These arduous tasks are often being done by one employee or a group of volunteers.

Many nonprofits have realized the benefits of a consultant to help alleviate the pressures of fundraising and financing their project. However, the current model demands that nonprofits pay for these services before realizing any value from them. Arula was founded with the idea that it is not appropriate for already burdened nonprofits to be expected to take on all the risk, while consulting agencies are guaranteed payment in full. By switching up the fee structure to be mostly dependent on success,
Arula helps the client to dedicate valuable resources on their important work, giving them focus and peace of mind.

Arula works with each client to identify grantors, organizational opportunities, and areas to build upon. Arula will work toward the specific goals that are agreed upon, while the client focuses on their new program and existing responsibilities. This partnership extends from the initial identification of an opportunity, all the way through implementation. The goal of Arula is to help nonprofits take the next step in their work while giving them the peace of mind that their consultant is working with them and not for themselves.

Interview with Alex Koenigsberg