We are Arula 

A Different type of Fundraising Professional

About us

The goal for Arula was to create a new model for fundraising professionals without pricing out small and startup nonprofits.

Coming from a nonprofit background, we recognized the myriad of responsibilities each nonprofit takes on, especially in the early stages: Developing your board, volunteer recruitment, events, fundraising, and more. Many nonprofit leaders simply do not have the time necessary to dedicate toward all the tasks necessary. That is where we come in.

Our Services


Nonprofit Consultation

Arula can help nonprofits with developing the structure, materials, and direction needed to successfully start a new organization. 

Grant Services

Arula will evaluate the client for “grant readiness,” strategically research compatibility with thousands of grantors, craft effective grant narratives, and submit grant applications on behalf of the client.


Fund Development

Arula will help the client to determine their realistic goals and a time frame for implementation through funding assessments and strategy development.

Educational Board Training

Arula can assist a client with educational board training, board retreats, assessments, and strategy building that will maximize the effectiveness of the board of directors in governance and fund development.

Marketing and Social Media

Getting your organization in front of the public is crucial to spreading information about the good work you do. Arula can help you develop your image and online presence through our social media and website services.


Arula has experience working with a wide variety of businesses, from startups to multi-million dollar organizations. We have helped to launch new products/service lines and increase existing revenue streams. 

We are ready to help you achieve your development goals.