Meet us!

Arula Consulting Services was founded in 2018 by Alex Koenigsberg, a professional coming from over a decade in the nonprofit world. He understands that nonprofits are asked to do more with less and the thought of hiring an outside consultant can seem intimidating. His inspiration for Arula came from his own time as the Executive Director of a small nonprofit in Connecticut. Experiencing the process from both sides has allowed Alex to develop pricing structures that minimize the risk to the client, including allowances for only paying the full fee when/if the funding is awarded.

Alex Koenigsberg

Alex is the president and founder of Arula. He started the company after nearly ten years in the nonprofit world, after realizing that every grant writer he met required payment of their fee upfront. Alex knew there was a more equitable way and decided to tap his own knowledge and experience to provide this service, while sharing in the risk with the nonprofits. Alex and the team at Arula assist dozens of nonprofits and initiatives, mostly in Colorado but also throughout the country.

Alex also works as the Business Development Officer for two for-profit companies: Quorum Prosthetics and Dough Bar Doughnuts. He is responsible for a myriad of initiatives at each company, including: sales, partnerships, marketing, investments, grants, loans, and more. During Alex’s tenure (and thanks to both company’s amazing teams), the Dough Bar has seen sales grow by over 70% and Quorum has opened a new 3D printing manufacturing facility.

Prior to Arula, Alex was the Executive Director of the Creative Living Community of CT (CLCC). The mission of CLCC is to provide a farm community with residence, programming, and vocational skills training to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Prior to CLCC, Alex was an Event Coordinator for the MetroHartford Alliance, where he organized over 60 events a year.

As well as his “day jobs,” Alex volunteers with a myriad of nonprofits, including his work on the board of directors for the Northern Colorado Wildlife Center, where they work to rescue and rehabilitate injured and sick wildlife. He is also one of the founders and organizers of the Fort Collins Top Dog event, where the winning dog goes on a can of Odell beer!

Alex has won numerous awards and recognitions including: winner of New Haven Startup Weekend (2012), Connecticut’s 40 Under Forty (2015), and Colorado’s Top Five Young Professionals (2021). Alex attended Eastern Connecticut State University where he earned a degree in Business Administration with a GPA of 3.9.


Hannah Hayes

Hannah serves as Director of Nonprofit Grants and joined the staff in October 2020. She holds a master’s degree in Social Work with a certificate in Military and Veteran Culture from Colorado State University. She has spent a total four years working alongside nonprofits in Israel and Northern Colorado. Her professional career started at The Center for Family Outreach, where she was an Accountant, Grant Manager, and Executive Assistant. She has been able to see the different levels of nonprofits as a volunteer to a leader. Growing up in Fort Collins, she loves pouring back into her community. Hannah is excited to work with Arula Consulting to support nonprofits, to have the voices and experiences of community members to be recognized.

Kendra Kellogg

Kendra joined the Arula team in June 2021 as the Nonprofit Liaison, working with nonprofits to write grants and help with fundraising strategies. She has 3 years of experience working for W.O.L.F. Sanctuary, a small nonprofit in Northern Colorado. She started as a volunteer, quickly becoming the Executive Assistant, and now serves as the Development Manager. She is familiar with how nonprofits are run at different levels and understands the limited resources on which they often operate. Kendra is excited to be a part of the Arula team and to help nonprofits in the community further their fundraising and development goals.


Kerry is the Director of Social Media and Special Events at Arula.  She joined the team in July 2021. Prior to this, she worked in Australia as a public defender with Legal Aid cases. In her free time as a lawyer, she volunteered with the community legal centers and at the Association for Employees with Disabilities. Since moving back to Colorado, she had left the legal sphere and refocused her efforts on the non-profit community.  In her free time, she is currently organizing the fundraising event, Fort Collin’s Top Dog, at Odell’s Brewery for the Northern Colorado Wildlife Center, and she volunteers at the Wolverine Letterpress. Kerry looks forward to using her time at Arula to elevate non-profits into well-recognized brands within the community and to further develop Colorado’s generous spirit.

Kelly Perry-Cochran

Kelly is a graduate of Colorado State University in Political Science and History. She spent almost a decade in business and retail management before pursuing her passion in public service. She now specializes in fundraising, grant management, organizational excellence, and accounting. She lives in Johnstown with her husband, dog, and two cats.

Sara osteboe

Sara is excited to be Arula’s first intern. After graduating from Colorado State University with her degree in Social Work and minor in International Development, she realized that her passions lie not with direct treatment and case management, but with organizational management through administrative technology and nonprofit fundraising. Sara has six years of volunteer and nonprofit experience throughout Colorado. She loves Fort Collins for its outstanding access to rock climbing, rafting, and mountain biking. She is excited to see where her career with Arula and the nonprofit world goes from here.