Nonprofit Consulting

Arula offers a wide variety of services to nonprofits to help you develop your organization. With years of experience in leadership positions on a variety of nonprofits, we understand the needs and requirements of organizations of all sizes.

For-profit Grant Writing

Arula also offers grant writing services to for-profit entities. Arula has experience working with a wide variety of businesses, from startups to multi-million dollar organizations. We specialize in writing OEDIT, federal, and foundation grants and offer competitive pricing.

Nonprofit Bookkeeping

Arula offers bookkeeping support exclusively to nonprofits to help you ensure your accounts are managed properly. We can set up your accounts so you can track your cash flow properly, train your team on how to keep up management, and even do your bookkeeping for you.

Specialty Services

In addition to our full services, Arula offers support on a variety of one-time projects. If you just need to create some marketing materials or if you need support strategizing a full capital campaign, we can help!

Education Services and Resources

Our experience has taught us that many nonprofit teams are either completely volunteer-comprised or are very small, many having no background in nonprofit development. It can be overwhelming to come into a world that you don’t know anything about and be expected to keep an organization afloat. We are here to help. Arula offers a variety of workshops designed to educate nonprofit professionals about nonprofit management and development. Our aim is to give you and your team the tools you need to succeed.

From Our Clients

Arula has all the things and knows all the people. I’ve procured resources that’ve helped so much from Arula. I highly recommend them.

Alex and Arula are an excellent team with a forward-thinking business strategy, focused on results. If you are looking for help with grant writing and nonprofit solutions, I highly recommend working with Arula. Their experience and passion are unmatched and offer a valuable service to other community-focused organizations.

Working with Arula was great. They helped us write a successful grant application, and provided a lot of clarity about the grant process.

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