The goal at Arula was to create a new model for fundraising professionals by sharing in the risk with you. Coming from a nonprofit background, I recognized the myriad of responsibilities each of nonprofit takes on. Many of you simply do not have the time necessary to dedicate toward grant writing, professional development, and fundraising. This is where a fundraising professional can help!

However, the existing model requires that the nonprofit assume all the risk. Consultants demand full payment up-front for services that may not even be effective. This is where Arula is different. I work with each client to develop a fee structure that allows me to share in the risk. Meaning, if you’re organization is not successful, Arula is not successful. As such, I do not collect the full amount unless the project is met with success.

You may be asking “why is no one else doing this?” I honestly don’t know the answer to that. Confident consultants should not be afraid to take on risk. Even more importantly, we shouldn’t expect nonprofits to carry the burden of this risk alone. Arula understands the challenges of running a nonprofit organization because we have been there. Please reach out today to schedule a time to sit down and discuss what we can do for you.

Organizational Vision Statement: To change the model of nonprofit consulting by offering dedicated consulting services from the identification stage to implementation, all while sharing in the financial risk with the client.