Happy End of Year! As we close out 2022 and reflect back on the year, I am humbled to realize just how much we, at Arula, have accomplished and how much amazing good the organizations we work with have done.

Arula’s Growth

Over the past two years, Arula has grown from a one-person operation to a team of eight. Our staff have a wide variety of skills and interests which allows us to be able to expand the breadth of services we can offer. Our amazing staff are the bedrock and the pillars of Arula. Their dedication and passion for helping our clients are what has allowed us to become the most successful grant writing and nonprofit consulting company in Northern Colorado. We would not be where we are now without them.

Because of this growth, we are now in a phase where we are needing some more administrative oversight. This is what has prompted our founder and visionary, Alex Koenigsberg, to institute an official CEO position. I have stepped into this role to oversee the administrative needs of the company and provide a more formalized structure to the organization. This new structure will be a platform for more growth which will, in turn, lead to a greater ability for us to support our clients.

Accomplishments and Milestones

In December of 2022, we passed a huge milestone! We have now helped bring in over $5 million in grants for our clients! We have also helped our clients generate almost $350,000 in event revenue!

That is more people that are able to find and keep their housing. That is more children that are able to access resources to help them overcome the trauma from abuse. That is more survivors that are able to successfully transition out of sex trafficking operations. That is more members within communities being able to access education for becoming leaders of those communities. That is more equipment to help environmental conservationists around the world.  And it is so much more.

With the goal of expanding our reach and providing more resources, we also started this blog with our first blog post, Why Grants are Important. Since then, we have published a number of blogs about grants, events, general fundraising, and more. Stay tuned for more blog posts with lots of great resources!

Arula’s Mission and Goals for 2023

Our goal is to support our clients in the most financially sustainable way possible so that they can continue to do the wonderful work they do without financial stress. We also want to be able to support them in every aspect of their fundraising and development needs so that they can focus on carrying out their missions. With this in mind, we aim to continue to expand the services we offer so that we can be even more of an asset to every organization we work with.

We also plan to continue expanding our team. With more team members comes more varied skills which, naturally, leads more services that we can offer. Our ultimate goal is to have “specialist” team members who are veritable experts in their areas and can bring the highest-quality knowledge and experience to our relationships with our clients.

Employee-Owned Working Model

Arula has always operated on a philosophy that everyone’s voices are important. Everyone has their own experiences and viewpoints and all of those contribute to a more well-rounded company. We will now be taking this philosophy one step further and be more intentional about including our staff in the directing of the company. Our employees will have a say in the goals of Arula and will directly have a hand in the development of the organization. We believe that this will make Arula stronger as it will give our team members more of a stake in the company and its success.

Wrap Up

We are very excited for 2023 and what the future will bring for Arula. As we continue to grow and expand our services, we envision so many new possibilities. With our amazing staff and the help of our wonderful partners, we will continue to evolve to provide the best possible support to our clients!